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5. Fair Day

Things to remember when your project
is selected to go to the Fair

School Fair

Term 3, Weeks 1-2

The School Fair is usually held in week 1-2 of Term 3. This determines which students progress to the Auckland Fair (in week 6). There is enough time between the fairs so that you can reconsider your presentation and work to make it even better. Indeed, some times a teacher might suggest you conduct further testing or repeat your experiment to gain more reliable results. Make the most of this time and seek feedback from teachers and other students on what you can improve.

Auckland Fair

Term 3, Week 6

Location - The up to date venue information and map will be on our home page. 

Opportunity - Attending the Fair is a great opportunity to represent your school and show the judges what you have been working on. The first question judges normally ask, after introductions, is, "tell us about your project!" Practise giving a little talk so you don't have to make things up on the spot :) Be enthusiastic and speak clearly.

Questions - If you have any questions on the day then find a friendly looking parent, teacher, or judge and ask! If in doubt you can always ask to speak to the chief judge or committee chairperson who will be right there and are definately not scary people. Very accurate pictures of us are on the About Us page. 

Fair Timeline

Also see the timeline on the homepage.


Week Five - 20th August 2018
►Make sure you have entered your project on the Digital Entry Form - confirm this with your teacher. (Due Monday 21st August) 
►If you are a Senior student you may enter using the entry form or enter on Set-Up day
►Ensure you have a Safety and Certification form on the back of your project and all parts complied with.
►Fill out photo consent form and give to your teacher or have ready to hand in when setting up your project at the Fair.
►Ethics approval, if required 
►Use of Animals and Microorganism forms are in log books, as required
►Place school name or school initials in the middle of the back of your board.

These forms on in the download section on our website.

Epsom Girls Grammar School - Project Drop Off

New Process
There is now a multi-step setup process for setting up the Fair Venue.
This is different from previous years.
Projects In: Wednesday - Epsom Girls Grammar School Hall
Committee Only: Thursday
Fair: Friday Project Judging - Auckland Museum

Registration Wednesday 29th August 2018 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm
►This is the day to bring projects to the main hall, Epsom Girls Grammar School. MAP HERE
►Someone has to bring your project to the registration venue to set up in the evening - organise with your parents or teacher as to who will be doing this.
►Keep your log books and props to add to your project on judging day.
►Organise with your parents to bring you and your project to the venue between 5.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m.
►Senior Students - book in a judging time for Friday

Project Installation Committee Setup Day 30th August 2018 6pm-8pm
►The Committee and Helpers will be taking the project boards from the registration venue to the Fair Display Venue. Note: This is not the day for students to bring projects.  

Auckland War Memorial Museum - South Entrance

Parking - Paid parking available under the museum and free parking in domain. Take note of any time restrictions as many are limited to 1 hour. Consider car pooling for the event or dropping students off at the door.

Friday Judging Day - 31st August 2018 - Times to be confirmed
►Year 9 & 10 students should arrive by 8.45 a.m. and will leave from 10.15 a.m.
►Year 7 & 8 students should arrive by 10.00 a.m. and will leave at 12.30 p.m.
►Wait in area assigned until all competitors arrive
►Listen to instructions from the Chief Judge
►If you are a senior student come at the time you organised during set up 

►When instructed, move to your project - add any props and your log book now (if not added during set up)
►Be prepared to discuss and ‘sell’ your project to the judges
►Discuss with the judges your purpose and findings, make sure you let them know all about your work.
►Check if any others judges wish to see you (there may be Statistics judges in addition to Category judges in the area).
►Once judged, returned to assigned area and wait for call back or further instructions 
►Bring a book, cards etc to keep yourself occupied while waiting

►Leave the venue only when your judging is complete and the Chief Judge has dismissed you.

Auckland War Memorial Museum - South Entrance

Parking - Paid parking available under the museum and free parking in domain. Take note of any time restrictions.

Friday - 31 August 2018 - Evening Public Viewing from 5.30 pm till 8.00 pm 
The Venue will be open to the public but importantly to you, your families and friends
All 1st, 2nd, 3rd category placings will be shown on the projects, while if you have been awarded a Special Prize you will have this notified on your project (but not what prize it is). This list will also appear on our Results page on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Saturday - The Venue is open from 9.00 am to 5pm. It is open to the public including all students, families and friends.

Auckland War Memorial Museum - South Entrance

Pack Up 1 September 2018 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm Saturday.
All prize winning projects (category and special prizes) will remain at the venue to be taken to prize giving, so they do not need to be picked up.
If you are not able to pick your project up then consider talking with a teacher or a parent about who can pick it up for you.

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