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5. Fair Day

Things to remember when your project
is selected to go to the Fair

School Fair

Term 3, Weeks 1-2

The School Fair is usually held in week 1-2 of Term 3. This determines which students progress to the Auckland Fair (in week 6). There is enough time between the fairs so that you can reconsider your presentation and work to make it even better. Indeed, some times a teacher might suggest you conduct further testing or repeat your experiment to gain more reliable results. Make the most of this time and seek feedback from teachers and other students on what you can improve.

Auckland Fair

Term 3, Week 6

Location - The up to date venue information and map will be on our home page. 

Opportunity - Attending the Fair is a great opportunity to represent your school and show the judges what you have been working on. The first question judges normally ask, after introductions, is, "tell us about your project!" Practise giving a little talk so you don't have to make things up on the spot :) Be enthusiastic and speak clearly.

Questions - If you have any questions on the day then find a friendly looking parent, teacher, or judge and ask! If in doubt you can always ask to speak to the chief judge or committee chairperson who will be right there and are definately not scary people. Very accurate pictures of us are on the About Us page. 


Lift Off

The last few weeks before the Fair sees many things to remember. So if you're looking for what is happening when, what forms to fill out, how to complete your digital entry, and what and when things will happen during the Fair, visit our DOWNLOADS section and look for the GETTING READY notes. There's one for the students, and one for the teachers!

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