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About Us

Our Mission

  • The NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair, which is an annual event, celebrates the excellence in scientific and technological investigation carried out by Auckland City Year 7 to Year 13 students.
  • Science is the gathering and processing of data using scientific methods in response to an observation and/or hypothesis. 
  • Technology is the process of development of a useful, high quality device, or environment in response to an identified need or opportunity. 
  • The judging panel is comprised of experienced teachers, scientists, engineers and technologists.
  • The exhibits are judged against criteria, which enables the winning senior exhibits to be nominated to the RSNZ Powering Potential programme and International Science and Technology Fairs.
  • The NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair acknowledges that Science and Technology covers all cultures and is an international language. 
  • The Organising Committee includes Science and Technology teachers and NIWA representatives.

Our People

Keeping everything running smoothly.

Managing judging, social media and the website.

Our number one person keeping in touch with our wonderful sponsors.

With hundreds of entries every year, Robert keeps all the data in order.

Looking after the judges. If you're interested in helping judge then Aliona is the person to talk to.

Special Thanks

So many people help make the Fair happen and support us.
Here are some of those not mentioned elsewhere.

  • MT ROSKILL GRAMMAR SCHOOL - For hosting the Fair for 2019! Great access, parking, and extra facilities. Link
  • KING'S SCHOOL - For hosting all our meetings, providing a wonderful venue for the prizegiving, and all that extra support. Link
  • AA VFX - For providing us with some sweet animated backgrounds for the website. Link



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