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Teachers need to register their schools


Nature of Science - The Science and Technology Fair enables students to complete a substantial project encompassing the nature of Science as according the the New Zealand curriculum. Time set aside in class for motivation, coordinating, and teaching of skills such as fair testing is encouraged. 

Students learn what science is and how scientists work. They develop the skills, attitudes, and values to build a foundation for understanding the world. They come to appreciate that while scientific knowledge is durable, it is also constantly re-evaluated in the light of new evidence. They learn how scientists carry out investigations, and they come to see science as a socially valuable knowledge system. They learn how science ideas are communicated and to make links between scientific knowledge and everyday decisions and actions.


For teachers in charge of school fair organisation

  1. Register your school - Use the link on this page to register your school. Supply name, phone number and e-mail address of the teacher in charge. Attend meetings of committee whenever possible or send a representative.
  2. Help students decide on projects. They may work on their own or with a partner. No more than two students can work on any project.  
  3. Ensure all students fill out their Safety & Certification Form . This will allow you to check that each student knows which category they are in and whether they need to apply for ethics approval. Help students fill out ethics forms as required. These forms should be filled out before the students start the project!  Go through the first 4 project pages of this website with students. Term One is usually about inspiration and nailing down their topic. This powerpoint presentation and handout can help. Term Two is the heavy lifting of completing the project with a log book. The big thing here is getting them underway and doing some work on it every day. Term Three is your school's science fair judging (Week 1-2) and getting the finalists ready for the Auckland Fair (Week 6).  
  4. Select your school entries. You may enter up to a total of 15 science projects. If you enter 15 projects you may also enter an additional three technology projects. 
  5. Send in Entries by online form. The date will be listed in the Fair timeline. A link to the form will be sent to you before the due date.  Contact us if you need more information. 
  6. Turn up on ‘set up day’ to help with putting up all projects. You may be asked to bring all your school projects in to the venue, checking that all forms and regulations are completed on each project. NOTE: It is essential that at least one teacher from each school is present on this day 
  7. Arrange for students to be present on Judging day at the venue. Year 7 & 8 and Year 9 & 10 students will be required to attend for the judging of their projects at session times to be notified. Students must attend this session, as they will be questioned on their projects. There may also be time when they are waiting so they should bring a book or other activity to keep them occupied for this time. If you want to be involved with the judging then another teacher or adult must accompany large groups of students. 
  8. Attend Prize giving if any of your students are awarded prizes. Check the timeline for date, time and place.
  9. Make sure all students know when to collect their projects. Projects of major prize winners may be transported to the prize giving venue for display. Any projects left behind will eventually be disposed of, so you may wish to check the venue on Saturday evening to rescue any projects that your students have forgotten to collect. 
  10. NOTE: It is important that a representative from each school attends, whenever possible, the regular committee meetings. Representatives are also encouraged to become involved in one area of the fair organisation.

Thank you!

If it wasn't for teachers in the classroom the Science Fair wouldn't be possible. Thank you so much for your support throughout the year, motivating, encouraging, and moving the students about. See you at the Fair!

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