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6. Prizegiving

Congratulations! Now to get ready for the prizegiving.

Check our homepage for the latest timeline and location information

Congratulations! So you're a winner, what's next?
  • Check the spelling of your details and the name of your project. Your certificate needs to be right! Send corrections to us via facebook or email.
  • If you have received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or a Special Prize then please leave your project at the fair and we will transport it to the Prize Giving.  
  • Only the project boards can be transported to the prize giving - no extras or props.  
  • If you have not received a prize then please pick up or arrange to have your project picked up from the hall venue. If you are picking your own project up, consider communicating with others and transporting other projects from the same school. 
  • HC = Highly Commended. These also need collecting.

Prizes - At the venue walk across the stage from left to right. Accept prizes with the left hand, shake hands with the right hand. If you can see your name is coming up soon on the programme you can move down to the front left of the hall ready to go. Sometimes the same project wins more than one prize so you might want to stay to the end. Note - prizes in envelopes, not cups

Photos - After walking across the stage keep going out to the foyer on the right where the cool photographer is. Then back into the hall to watch the rest of the festivities and possibly discover other prizes. Photos are usually in groups so 1st, 2nd, and 3rd together.


Sponsors - After the ceremonies you might like to stand by your project so the sponsors can have a chat and you can take extra photos.

Wave at our photographer if you think there is a good photo op we need to capture for you.

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