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Science and
Technology Fair

29th August - 1st September 2018
Auckland War Memorial Museum

Welcome to the 2018 Fair, Congratulations to the Winners!

Important 2018 information for Students and Teachers available now!
Entry forms with project details due from teachers by 20th August.
Questions about what category? Contact us on facebook or email

The 2018 Fair will be held at the
Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain.



About the Fair 
Science helps find answers to questions we have about the physical world around us. Technology uses those discoveries to solve problems and improve lives. Its been said "Science and engineering research has become the most powerful force for change in our society," and we agree. The Fair is about encouraging young people towards problem solving and creative discovery. This builds both the students abilities and our countries responsiveness to a wide variety of future challenges. Solutions to pressing problems will continue to emerge in unexpected ways from new knowledge. But they don't happen by themselves, it takes some work!  

Navigating the website

  • MY PROJECT - This section helps you through creating a project step by step.
  • FAIR - This section provides more information about us and past winners, as well as extra info for teachers and judges,
  • SPONSORS - This section is all about where the prizes come from and how sponsors can help students with projects.
  • GALLERY and RESULTS - These pages show some of the wonderful people, projects, and places from past fairs.
  • DOWNLOADS - Required forms and information from the website packed into handy pdf files you can download
  • TIMELINE - Right here on the home page. The calandar for the year. 

My Project

Looking for inspiration and a step by step guide on completing the Science Fair? You've come to the right place. 

How to do research, find a good question, plan your time, record your progress, and understand safety.

How to run an experiment that means something.

Take your project and get it ready to show others.

Things to manage when your project is selected to go to the Fair. 

Congratulations! Now to get ready for the Prizegiving.


Download the Info

We recommend downloading our information books and forms for the Fair. They summarise some of the important information that is here on the website. There are all kinds of things to think about like safety, ethics approval, and planning!

“The NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair, which is an annual event, celebrates the excellence in scientific and technological investigations carried out by Auckland City Year 7 to Year 13 students.”

Fair Date
29th August - 1st September 2018

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Auckland Domain

2018 Project Dropoff Location

Wednesday 29th August

2018 Judging Venue

South Entrance - 31st August, 1st September

2018 Prizegiving Venue

Timeline 2018

Term 1 Begins - Monday 29 Jan

►Step One - Inspiration
►Step Two - Planning
►Committee Meetings: 15 March and 5 April
@ Thursdays 4:15pm Kings School, 258 Remuera Rd

Term 2 Begins - Monday 30 April

►Step Three - Practical
►Step Four - Presentation
►Committee Meetings: 10 May, 7 June and 5 July
@ Thursdays 4:15pm Kings School, 258 Remuera Rd

Term 3 Begins - Monday 23 July

►Step Five - Fairs and judging completed wks 1-3
►Winning students finalise projects and make improvements for the Auckland Fair.
►Committee Meetings: 2 August, 23 August
►Final Committee Meeting after Fair: 20 September

Final Entries Close - Mon 20 August

►Electronic entries to be completed before this date
►See FAIR PAGE for details

Project Registration - Wed 29 Aug

►Epsom Girls Grammar School Hall
►Bringing all the student projects in. 5pm-8pm
►Boards Only - bring props and log books Friday.
►See FAIR PAGE for details

Installation - Thurs 30 Aug

►Auckland War Memorial Museum
►6pm-8:00pm See FAIR PAGE for details
►Committee and helpers only

Judging Day - Fri 31 August

►Auckland War Memorial Museum
►Judging 7:30am to 5pm - Times TBA
►Public viewing 5:30pm to 8pm

Viewing and Packdown - Sat 1 Sep

►Auckland War Memorial Museum
►Public viewing from 9am to 5pm
►Packdown from 5:00pm - 6pm.
►Do not remove projects before this time. 

Prizegiving - Monday 10 Sep

►7pm Kings School, 258 Remuera Rd. Parking in side streets, not on site.
►Last Committee Meeting: Thurs 20 September

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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide judges, support, and prizes! Take some time to find out what our sponsors are interested in and how they can help with your project.

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