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NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair 2016

25th-27th August 2016 @ St Kentigern Boys School
JSC Gymnasium, Gate 5, 82 Shore Rd, Remuera
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2016 Prizegiving

06/09/2016 - Great to see you all this evening. What a large crowd! Keep studying the world around you and keep looking for ways to help others. See you in 2017 (or on our Facebook page).

06/09/2016 - Prizegiving starts at 7pm tonight. Congratulations to our winners, see you there!

26/08/2016 - Viewing is now on from 1pm to 5pm Saturday. Pickup is from 5pm to 6pm, not before. We want as many people as possible to see the wonderful results of your hard work. Please remove and collect any additional gear as only boards can be taken to the Prizegiving. Some materials have been removed to the judges table for collection. Keep credit cards away from the powerful magnet.


25/08/2016 - Setup is now on. School sets delivered by one teacher from 6:30pm. Individual projects being delivered and registered from 8pm to 9pm.

Friday Judging:
Y7-8 are needed from 8:45am to 11am
Y9-10 are needed from 10:45 to 12noon
Judges are needed for 8am start (arriving from 7:30am)

16/08/2016 - All entries need to be in! Any independent entries need to contact us via the Facebook page. Time to make everything look nice and time to read the project again. Does it make sense? Can anyone understand what you did quickly and easily? We’re very excited to see what you have accomplished this year. Remember, if you have managed to get an entry to the Fair you are already a winner at your school, so congratulations! Committee meeting this Thursday.

02/08/2016 - Have some updated forms for you. All entries to the Science Fair need to complete the Photo Consent form and the Safety and Certification form. All entries also have to enter your name and project name into a Google doc that your teacher will give to you. This is to get your name right on all the certificates! Just a few weeks to go, all the best.

17/05/2016 - Hope you’ve been keeping up with the posts over on our Facebook page. We’re right into Term 2 and the projects should be well under way! A reminder that the final entries close on Monday 15th August. Please note all the dates, times and places in the Timeline Information section below and mark them in your calendar.  

22/02/2016 - Time to make your teacher read this website and get the students creating ideas! What topic are you interested in? There’s no time like the present. For the older ones you can sign up to our Facebook page for feedback and regular updates.

Teachers need to register their school now here.

Students, find out if your school is doing the Fair. If not then talk to us via Facebook to find a mentor for you.

Timeline for 2016

August and September: Fair and Prizegiving!

Fair Dates

Viewing Friday 26th August 5:00pm - 8:00pm
           Saturday 27
th August 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Prize Giving

Tuesday 6th September 7:00pm-8:30pm
Epsom Girls Grammar School
Silver Road, Epsom, Auckland

Committee Meetings:
Thursdays - Kings School 4:15pm

Term 3
th July
th August
th September (final)


Animal Care Form


“The NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair, which is an annual event, celebrates the excellence in scientific and technological investigation carried out by Auckland City Year 7 to Year 13 students.”

From the very big, to the very small.
What will your project be finding out about?


was great at the

Raye Freedman Arts Centre! Epsom Girls Grammar

Corner of Silver Rd and
Gillies Ave

Results 2016 Here

How to find the Fair