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Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU)

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Who is RIMU?

The research and evaluation unit (RIMU) undertakes environmental monitoring and research to provide information and evidence to inform the council's activities and reporting.

Environmental monitoring programmes include marine, freshwater, terrestrial, air, soil and hydrology.
See an outline of each of the programmes we run.

RIMU maintains datasets that can be made available for the following indicators:

The recently published report "The Health of Auckland's Natural Environment 2015" provides a good overview of the environmental monitoring programmes, indicators and case studies. We suggest you have a look at this first before contacting us, the report can be downloaded from here.

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Auckland Council Technical Publications and Research

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RIMU and Knowledge Auckland

For further information please contact Melanie Vaughan


Water quality

Sediment contaminant

Marine ecology

Bathing beach water quality


Water quality

Stream ecology


Terrestrial Biodiversity

Forest & Wetland Plots

(Plants, birds & pests)


Benzene pollution

Particulate matter

Nitrogen dioxide


Land use pressures

Soil Health

Trace element soils


River flow

Rainfall and groundwater levels