NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair
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The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NIWA, is a Crown Research Institute and New Zealand's leading natural resources and environmental science services provider.

We have sites across the county and carry out research in the following fields:

1. Aquaculture

2. Atmosphere

3. Climate

4. Coasts and Oceans

5. Environmental information

6. Fisheries

7. Freshwater and Estuaries

8. Maori Environmental Research

9. Natural Hazards

10. Pacific Rim.

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Project Ideas which fit into our fields of research include:

- Methods for measuring water, climate or air quality

- Analysing water quality or air quality with respect to local physical conditions and land use

- New methods of water treatment

- Evaluating the ecological health of aquatic ecosystems

- The effect of invasive species on aquatic ecosystems

- Effects of natural hazards e.g., floods and droughts

If you would like a little more information or help with getting your project started you can make contact with: