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Baking Industry Research Trust

Baking Industry Research Trust (BIRT) is a sub-committee of the New Zealand Association of Bakers (NZAB), delegated the responsibility of administering the Trust Account. The Trust Account was set up to meet the requirements of the Wheat Industry Research Levies Act 1989 and to identify and make recommendations to the NZAB Executive. The NZAB Executive has legal responsibility for administering the Trust, and other levy payers on research projects.

The BIRT committee is made up of plant bakers, small bakeries represented by the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand (BIANZ) (Baking Society) and biscuit manufacturers, as well as the Chair of the New Zealand Flour Milling Industry Research Trust. The two sectors frequently combine on research projects.

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We are proud to provide the NZ Baking Industry Research Trust Prize!
This prize goes to the best project or exhibit that uses bread or flour products.

Project Ideas

We would like to suggest these possible areas / topics that you may like to use to produce an interesting Science/Technology project.

The Baking prize is appropriate to projects or exhibits which include bakery ingredients, production technology, cereal product uses and benefits, nutrition, scientific aspects or surveys. To enhance project quality, an understanding of basic scientific principles must be demonstrated.  The project should have an hypothesis, method, results, conclusion and bibliography.

If you would like a little more information or help with getting your project started you can make contact with:

Jane Petrie, BIRT Science Fair Co-ordinator, Baking Industry Research Trust,

Previous winners of the Auckland Science Fair Baking Prize